Proper Links to your website

There are plenty of web owners that believe more is better or quantity over quality. This is not the case when you it comes to links incoming and outgoing links. Long gone are the days of link farms and irrelevant links into your site. You will not be able to reap the benefits from links that have nothing to do with your website, in fact they actually hurt your chances of being indexed well.

What are quality links?

Quality links are links that have the same content as you have. For instance if you have a SEO website, yet you are receiving links from a you aren’t going to get as much consideration as if you have a SEO blog linking to your SEO site.

How do obtain quality links?

Quality links are more difficult to obtain than you think. Ask yourself why would anyone want to give a link (free promotion) to my web site? They don’t, in fact when they do it’s because you have something to offer them. Fact is, if you don’t have something enticing, people will not stay on your site let alone even find it on search engine results.

I’m not sure if emailing web owners and asking for links is even worth it any more. My experience has been I look upon those as bottom feeders who aren’t willing to make a blog, comment on forums, or be social. In fact the easiest way to get receive backlinks are to post and comment on relevant forums and message boards within your industry without spamming.

It’s amazing what forum moderators will let you do if you play by their rules. Just think you can’t come into someone’s house and start laying down rules, so don’t do it on message boards. Be helpful and provide tips, advice, and help as much as possible. Become an authoritative figure in your field and before you know it you will have plenty of traffic and links.

When you offer good advice, it spreads like wildfire. Word of mouth and referrals are the most significant forms of business. Referrals typically aren’t negative and have more of an open mindset and are willing to listen as compared to someone just finding you. Forums and blogs with a good amount of content and comments are intriguing. People want to be involved in discussions, so write something controversial and you’re sure to people.

So go out there and become social and help out.

About mycgci
The reason why you should choose CG Consulting, Inc. as your business-consulting firm is to avoid failure. Most business owners were technicians before they ventured into being in business for themselves. A technician is someone who is use to working in the business (the employee) and not on the business (the CEO). For most technicians, the idea of being their own boss, doing their own thing, becomes irresistible. And that is the fatal mistake they make. It is the assumption made by all technicians who go into business for themselves, one that charts their course of a business from opening day to the discharge of your bankruptcy. Understanding the technical work of the business they are immediately and eminently qualified to run a business that does that kind of work. The technical work of a business and a business that does that technical work are two totally different things! CG Consulting, Inc. through its strategic alliances will assist you in creating the system that will guide you to success. Call CGCI today to see how you can re-chart your path to success.

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