How can Twitter help my SEO and marketing campaigns?

Twitter can be a valuable service if you know how to utilize it. The same can be said for places like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube to name a few. You can spend too much time and get nothing done if you are careful and sometimes that’s OK, on a personal level. As far as a marketing level, it is important to keep focused and stick a plan.

Tweets will simple get you followers. Followers are what you need to get traffic to your site or blog. If you come up with tons of tweets, whether it’s all at once and you save them as a text file and everyday you copy and past a new one. Remember posting old tweets could get you banned. Re-write them to say something else is my best advice.

Following people with the hops that they will follow you back is a long a tedious process and eventually you will have people. The only true way to get more followers than you follow is by tweeting. Post good information, it can only be a title long sentence so it must be intriguing. Have a link, if your link is too long got to and there is a URL shortener. It also keeps track of how many people clicked on your post, which I think is very handy. It’s free, so that the best thing there.

Twitter can help your SEO by offering links and clicks to your site. The more unique tweets you put out, the more followers, the more you are seen and the clicks you will receive. Twitter can help your marketing campaigns by adding fresh content daily. You can always receive new followers which is potential for new customers. Thousands of people are signing up daily, get in now and start tweeting.

About mycgci
The reason why you should choose CG Consulting, Inc. as your business-consulting firm is to avoid failure. Most business owners were technicians before they ventured into being in business for themselves. A technician is someone who is use to working in the business (the employee) and not on the business (the CEO). For most technicians, the idea of being their own boss, doing their own thing, becomes irresistible. And that is the fatal mistake they make. It is the assumption made by all technicians who go into business for themselves, one that charts their course of a business from opening day to the discharge of your bankruptcy. Understanding the technical work of the business they are immediately and eminently qualified to run a business that does that kind of work. The technical work of a business and a business that does that technical work are two totally different things! CG Consulting, Inc. through its strategic alliances will assist you in creating the system that will guide you to success. Call CGCI today to see how you can re-chart your path to success.

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