Building Links Makes For A Successful SEO Campaign

Link is like reference. When I write “Business Cards” I express my trust to Search engines interpret this reference as a vote to from my site.

This is the basis of link building. More links your site has from other websites more powerful you are in the eyes of search engines. And webmasters took no time to make use of this system. Several ways of link building were invented. Let’s classify links in a broad way:

  • 1-way Links: My website gets link from your website.
  • 2-way Links: My website gets a link from your website and I reciprocate you with a link from my site. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!
  • 3-way Links: I have two websites – A and B. You link to A and I will reciprocate you from B.

As webmasters started exploiting search engine algorithm, search engines refined their strategy and introduced new concept; links from relevant sites were assigned more credit than links from irrelevant sites.

For example, if you have a site about apparels then 1000 links from automobile sites won’t help you much; 100 links from other apparel sites would be really useful.

Hence, to make your website more powerful in the eyes of search engines you have to get links from relevant websites. You may ask how it is possible; the best way is to create such a usable and authentic that webmasters and bloggers link to you naturally. Become the leader in your niche.

In earlier days, webmasters used to send link exchange emails to others. This method is not going to help you any more. To succeed in this highly competitive market you have to figure out creative ways of getting links. As mentioned above, developing a useful website with authentic content is one way to get some good links. Now, use your imagination, creativity and marketing skills to invent more such ways. Happy link building!

About mycgci
The reason why you should choose CG Consulting, Inc. as your business-consulting firm is to avoid failure. Most business owners were technicians before they ventured into being in business for themselves. A technician is someone who is use to working in the business (the employee) and not on the business (the CEO). For most technicians, the idea of being their own boss, doing their own thing, becomes irresistible. And that is the fatal mistake they make. It is the assumption made by all technicians who go into business for themselves, one that charts their course of a business from opening day to the discharge of your bankruptcy. Understanding the technical work of the business they are immediately and eminently qualified to run a business that does that kind of work. The technical work of a business and a business that does that technical work are two totally different things! CG Consulting, Inc. through its strategic alliances will assist you in creating the system that will guide you to success. Call CGCI today to see how you can re-chart your path to success.

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