Stratagem, LLC is now accepting advertisements.
It is available as banner, text ads and gadget reviews.

Currently, the banner allocations are 125px X 125px banners on the right column.The advertisements in this ad zone will be shuffled every page view.The ad zone accepts only 1 advertiser per slot, therefore your ads will display all the time, and a maximum of 3 advertisements will be accepted to be put on queue if all the the slots are occupied. Four Banners will be sharing the 728 x 90 ledger banner.
You could purchase it here : Banner Ads.

Inline Text ads are accepted, as inline content text ads.
Keyword/s in existing posts will be linked to your desired url.
You will be provided with a “keyword search” tool during purchase.
Using the tool , you need to provide the post ID and keyword that would be linked to your site.
You could purchase it here : InlineText Ads.

The Random Recommended List text ads. This is the most economical way of  advertising at with a sitewide exposure. Each slot is shared by multiple ads(currently set at 10), those ads will take turns every page load. If the slots are not full, the ads will have more exposure since there are less ads to share with.
You could purchase it here : Random Recommended List.

Your site could also be featured in our Highlighted List on the sidebar.
You could purchase it here :  Hot List and Home Page only.

Do you want your gadgets featured in
We are offering reviews, reports, blogs, and press-releases.
Our bloggers will still adhere to their own opinion. You can not force the author to write positive feedback regarding your product when he/she thinks otherwise. reserves the right to disclose paid reviews. Normally a review takes about 3 working days.
You could submit your request here : The Review Section

We will only accept family friendly ads.
We will not accept ads that are pornographic, wares related, drugs related,adult oriented,involved in illegal activities, hate sites or any other sites that we deemed not appropriate.

We reserve the right to refuse any application.

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