Building Links Makes For A Successful SEO Campaign

Link is like reference. When I write “Business Cards” I express my trust to Search engines interpret this reference as a vote to from my site.

This is the basis of link building. More links your site has from other websites more powerful you are in the eyes of search engines. And webmasters took no time to make use of this system. Several ways of link building were invented. Let’s classify links in a broad way:

  • 1-way Links: My website gets link from your website.
  • 2-way Links: My website gets a link from your website and I reciprocate you with a link from my site. Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!
  • 3-way Links: I have two websites – A and B. You link to A and I will reciprocate you from B.

As webmasters started exploiting search engine algorithm, search engines refined their strategy and introduced new concept; links from relevant sites were assigned more credit than links from irrelevant sites.

For example, if you have a site about apparels then 1000 links from automobile sites won’t help you much; 100 links from other apparel sites would be really useful.

Hence, to make your website more powerful in the eyes of search engines you have to get links from relevant websites. You may ask how it is possible; the best way is to create such a usable and authentic that webmasters and bloggers link to you naturally. Become the leader in your niche.

In earlier days, webmasters used to send link exchange emails to others. This method is not going to help you any more. To succeed in this highly competitive market you have to figure out creative ways of getting links. As mentioned above, developing a useful website with authentic content is one way to get some good links. Now, use your imagination, creativity and marketing skills to invent more such ways. Happy link building!

SEO should not be the "end all be all" of your web site

Your search engine optimization campaign should not be the end all be all of your website. Becoming obsessed with one technique any one method can cut you off from other sources of traffic. SEO is one portion of marketing for your website, other areas include social media optimization and paid advertising. Each one can play integral part in your website. Therefore, search engine optimization is just one aspect albeit very important. As we have stated before more than 80% of first visits for an average site derives from search engines. 75% of those come from within Google’s properties worldwide. 84% of searches on Google never make it past the second page of results in only 35% click on paid or sponsored results.

Spreading your efforts over several different SEO, SMO, and paid tactics will increase your web traffic and success.

Here are several different tips that can help:

  1. Unique content – the reason this was placed number one, is the sheer fact that content is king. If you have unique content, search engines will index you, searchers will find you, and more than likely if it is well written will bookmark your site and come back consistently.
  2. Building blocks – where your site is hosted has become increasingly more important due to Google’s Caffeine integration. As important as where your web site is hosted is the domain name, structure of your directory and speed of site.
  3. Longevity – Over night success typically does not happen. Try to be in it for the long-haul. If you can outlast your competition, they will simply come and go and you can remain on top. New comers will have to battle their way to the top where as you can consistently stay up there.

Indexing a Web site | SEO Tip #69

One of the most common questions web owners have is how long does it take for my website to be indexed? Of course, this is a valid question since you must have your website found on search engines to generate traffic. If you go the route of submitting your URL to Google you can expect anywhere from two weeks to two months before being indexed. If you have used Google’s Webmaster tools you can submit your site map and become indexed anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks which can cut your wait time severely.

When you said that your site to directories or search engines it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months depending on the size of the directory you are sending to and if your website is complete. If, your website is not complete you run the risk of your website being declined and having to resubmit once your website is completed. Make sure, but your website is 100% complete before you submit to search engines or any directory whatsoever.

For several different types of directories. For instance, you have your page and your free directories which he could for themselves. They directories can cost anywhere from nine dollars a listing $299 for Yahoo’s submit, which doesn’t guarantee your inclusion. I would suggest going to differ directories that have a high page rank with a free service without reciprocal links where you can type in your URL, keywords and site description. A unique site description can benefit your website more so than you know. Repetitive descriptions tend not to get as much authority as unique site descriptions. Therefore, you should come up with as many different site descriptions as possible that best describes your website.

Remember, most websites are human edited and take time since there are thousands of websites and blogs being submitted daily. Please be patient and do not submit your website to several different categories. If your website does go ahead and fit within several different categories you must change the site description and keywords to fit within that category. For instance, Will allow you to submit to several categories, but will not include your site if it does not accurately describe the content within your website. Typically, your description will be changed by one of their editors which is not the most accurate we described paragraph. It is imperative that you come up with unique content for your description.