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When you place contextual advertising on your website you are among one of the fastest and easiest methods to monetizing your website traffic. Google ad sense is currently the marketing leader in contextual advertising. They let you display relevant advertisements on your website. These ads are created from a slew of different Google ad words advertisers. Each time a visitor comes to your site clicks an ad sense ads, you earn a percentage of the money paid to Google from that click. Even though, one click will only produce anywhere from several sense to several dollars, thousands of clicks can lead to a substantial income.

Google AdSense ads are relatively easy to place, yet savvy enough that relevant ads will appear within minutes. Google analyzes the content of your website and produces ads that are similar. This is an excellent way to monetize your website. If you have an account with blogger, monetizing your blog is as simple as ever. There is a tab that says monetize, click that, if you have an account through AdSense already enter in your account, if not you can go ahead and sign up right through that portal.

Getting familiar with Google’s terms of service is very important. For instance, you may only place three ads per page. In some instances, if you try to put too many ads on one page you will notice that they won’t even come up because there is more than three. Any type of trickery relating to persuasion of clicking on your ads is a complete no-no. Websites that contained content related to adult material are also not accepted into the program. You cannot promote illegal activity, violence, or racism.

Google also offers a PPA ad network which will pose serious competition to other related affiliate marketing networks such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, and Clicksor.

Google Cash Stash

Inside of your computer lies a gold mine,Google Cash secret stash. Many people who are blogging these days have learned just how they can make a few bucks while writing about their favorite subjects.

Google has provided anyone with a computer a means to make money. If you notice that placed all around this blog are advertisements provided by Google.

The most amazing thing of all is that if you have a blog , or if you are the owner of a website you have the ability to take advantage of what Google has to offer.

So next time you decide to post another blog , stop and think if you Monetize the account with Google and set up an Adsense account you could be earning money for having advertisement placed on your blog, or blogs.

Google has made editing options for these features to be catered specifically for your blogs colors and tones. So take a few moments to set this feature up , and start making money today.
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