Building Links | SEO Tip #53 Part 2 of 2

All links are not created equal. Although quantity is important, focus on trying to build quality and relevant links. Relevant links come from websites that are related to your line of business and content. For example, if you have a gourmet food website, adding a link from gourmet retailer magazine is better than getting a link from an equally popular celebrity gossip website.

Quality links tend to come from popular websites that are generally trusted source. Two of the main measures of popularity or Google’s page rank in the Alexa ranking system. They drink gives you a rough idea of how authoritative Google thinks the website is, and Alexa provides a measure to compare the traffic volume of potential linking partners. In general, you should look for quality and relevant linking partners that have page rank scores and Alexa rankings as good as or better than your own.

Building links can be extremely time-consuming and may even cost money if you decide to use a link broker or pay per cost network. One of the more time-consuming forms of link building includes requesting one way or reciprocal links directly from other websites. The process usually involves reaching out to potential link partners via e-mail and asking politely for a link or suggesting barter situation where you link to them if they link to you another way of building links is through blog informed participation however, in many cases, search engine such as Google either devalue or do not count blogger for comments is links toward your page rank. Despite this, other search engines use links from blogs and forms for ranking purposes.

Sending out online press releases through companies such as PR Web and PR newswire is a great way to build links. Blogs and other can contact providers use press release services as a source for article ideas. Typically, when other people use your release as a basis for source for an article they also provide a link back to your website. In other cases,content aggregators reproduce and distribute your content, keeping in place and the anchor text which links that you may have strategically inserted into the body of your press release.

The most simple and easy way to build links is to buy them to rethink brokers and pay per post networks. However, consider carefully before you use link brokers and paper post networks because search engines such as Google have strict policies against the use of paid links as a way of increasing page rank. If Google concludes that one of your links is not natural, the link is likely to be devalued for page rank purposes keep in mind that despite Google’s policies against buying links for purposes of boosting page rank, purchasing links from high quality, relevant websites has other benefits, including branding and traffic generation.

Building Links | SEO Tip #53 – Part 1 of 2

If creating large amounts of original well written content is considered King for search engine optimization purposes, building quality links back to your website might be considered the Holy Grail of your SEO process. You must have more than just quality content, because Google and other major search engine algorithms have value weight the number and quality of websites that link to your web pages as a primary and fundamental component of breaking your website over another.

Search engines conclude that websites with more back links must be more popular and authoritative than websites with fewer back legs keep in mind the search engine algorithms not only evaluate the number and quality of back links culture website but also what those links say in the form of an anchor text. Anchor text is the text contained in front of a hyperlink from one page to another.

Building links is sort of like trying to enter the old age question of what comes first the chicken or the egg. Should you just build great content and wait for another other websites to link to you or should you proactively recruit recruit other links to your site?

If you are serious about search engine optimization you should proactively and aggressively build links. It is true that if you build original compelling content others are likely to link to your website and overtime Google might conclude that you are an authority. However, the process of gaining and maintaining search engine ranking is very competitive, and if you want to rank well in the search engine results you need to have not only great content, but also quality, relevant back links