Get to the top of Google

Get on top of Google or your money back“. That’s what the ad said. How can one be so confident?…I thought to myself. I was convinced that it wouldn’t work. We’ve all read these elaborate stories of people making thousands of dollars from internet advertising, but do you actually know anyone whom has made thousands of dollars advertising on the internet? Really know them and know that they aren’t pulling your leg? Not too many people can say they do. In fact I know a lot of people whom have, but also plenty whom have lost their shirt.

If you are performing a certain technique that has a negative impact on your search engine ranking, would you keep doing it?

If someone or something that had success and a guarantee, said do this and this and this, would you listen or have tunnel vision?

Are you asking what is this software? I might not tell you…j/k it’s Internet Business Promoter. I highly recommend this software for any business. SEO guys and gals, this allows you to customize reports catered to any business with a professional look and feel. I have no affiliation with IBP, but I will say the only way I think you will not achieve first page search engine results is intentional because you will not the sacrifice design over a SEO friendly page.

I was reluctant to buy this software, especially since it cost $250 for only 3 months. I broke down and bought the software because I heard good things from credible sources that it worked well. I also read a couple good reviews and didn’t see any bad ones. They had a sample version which worked well but enticed you to buy because it tells you that you have “X” amount of potential errors. To get this report you must BUY…so I did
The key to this software is that it gets information on top 10 web sites from any search engine for any particular keyword. It gathers all the information from those 10 web sites and compares them to yours. A report is then created which breaks down what you may be doing incorrect, but also what your competitor is doing RIGHT! You can match and refine your keywords, meta description, text, alt tags, links in, and much more.

When I did the first web site optimization report for the keyword business card printing, I was shocked to say the least at the results. First, PrintFirm (the company I was doing the report for) was showing up 128th on Google and the percentage that the software gave us was 35% out of 100% as far as quality for that particular keyword. A 95% rating would typically get you first page results. So PrintFirm was not doing well for a competitive keyword which returns results of 21,000,000.