SEO Secrets | | SEO TIP #65

SEO Secrets | | SEO TIP #65

Study the competition, learn their ways, and do what they do. To know the competition and what their ways are to be invaluable. You might ask yourself where can I get this information? There are several websites out there that are available that can provide you the information in regards to your competition and how much search engine traffic from both pay per click and organic searches. provides such information for free but only allows a certain number of queries. This powerful research tool offers a popular keyword research with Word tracker and keyword discovery do not provide. is unique in the essence that uses a popular keyword research and suggestion tools. It does not gather dirt data directly from search engines. gathers information through a toolbar which users have installed. This information is used by studying the behavior of each visitor after they have finished searching. This includes, at the time a user spends on the site, what percentage of the traps sites traffic comes from, individual keywords, and an estimation of cost per click daily budget.