The Competiton | SEO Tip #61

The ability to evaluate the competition can be one of the most important pieces of information for a successful SEO campaign. There are reasons why search engines rank certain websites higher than others and this information is available through certain SEO experts or software.

Knowing how to read this software is a whole different story. True SEO experts will have software for rooms in the knowledge available at his fingertips before you have hired them. the competition can tell you a lot about the people who are purchasing and potential customers. Having your eyes and your ears open while being able to adapt to changes within your industry will determine how successful you are in business.

The competition to tell you exactly what each search engine is looking for to achieve front page ranking. If you follow what they are doing you have a better chance of establishing your website as a top candidate for front page search results.

Yahoo’s link domain query allows you to find what sites link to any other site, this can be just as useful as any other tool. You then have the ability to contact your competitors link partners and ask for the same consideration. Because quality incoming links play such a large role in Google’s organic ranking algorithm, a list of webpages to your competitors would be helpful. All links are not created equal, so after generating a list of prospective partners, evaluate them to see if they’re worthy for reciprocal link, one-way link or anything else.

Requesting one way links is very difficult considering other web pages most likely would like to get something from this process. the easiest way to get one-way links would most likely be within blogs that pertain to your industry and content. Individual bloggers will take less money and are more likely to offer her a link to your website to establish a relationship. The problem with this is individual bloggers typically do not have a high page rank through Google. Keep in mind, links into your site whether they have a page rank of zero or page rank of nine still will have an affect.