Creating Communities | SEO Tip #52

Creating a community such as a message board, blog, or forum as an extension of your web site can be one of the most effective promotional avenues. As beneficial though might be the fresh content that comes from these communities. Forums, messages boards, and blogs are signs of an authoritative figure that provides quality content with meaning.

Google’s search engine favors fresh content compared to web pages that haven’t been updated. There are several free options including my favorite phpbb. They offer a large community themselves with a large following that provides answers to most of your questions. Setting up your community is rather easy and of course inexpensive.

Communities provide a place for your readers and users to interact and discuss their stories. Quality feedback is necessary to become a trusted figure. Offering moderator spots is a great way to get others involved since they get power spot. User-generated content is unique and fresh, it provides interaction and it details fresh problems and successes.

A blog is a journal or online diary that should be frequently updated by the author. Usually comments are and discussions are allowed to initialize peer interaction. That is the snow ball effect and just gets the ball rolling. You can expect a significant amount of traffic if you have a well written and keyword rich blog.

Forums and message boards and basically the same. They allow your users to post and answer questions. typically each question a user answers allocates a point to their account and propels them up your “forum ladder” to become a moderator or something of that nature. Having a message board or forum passes on customer feedback and information critical to your success.