Creating Pages | SEO Tip #51

For the sake of not writing a novel I will try to keep it simple. Content Is King! Shhhh, don’t tell anyone though. I’m shocked at the pointless direction web sites take when head down their road of creating pages.

Spiders, rank web pages and web sites, so each page is just as important as the next. The content that you provide will largely determine where you rank. If content is duplicated, not only do you run the rick of copyright infringement, copyright laws, but also it’s just plain wrong.

There are plenty of cases that you will offer a product with a manufacturers description that the competition offers. What do you do in this case? There really isn’t much you can do. In fact who is to know who would get “punished” by search engines if any punishment is handed down at all.

Optimizing web pages for their technical factors such as adding correct file names, title tags, meta descriptions tags, meta robots, and keywords is just as important as the products that you are selling. This is how search engines determine your relevance and if you are an authoritative figure. By providing unique content such as title tags and description prevent duplicate content issues within your site, which is of extreme importance because it notifies spiders there is a difference in this page compared to that one.

Title tags and meta description play more of a role than most SEO experts like to mention. For webmaster to enter a title tag that is relevant and receive a 15% to 30% increase in “relevance points” as I will call it with search engines is too easy. It goes further than that though. If you take search engine results in a % format and say the top 95% are on page one of search results. If you have over 300 factors that determine your web site’s fate then title tags are only portion of the pie.