What is Google Wave?

Google wave is a new web application conceived by Google.  This new application is meant to work together and communicate with other people. In other words it can be said to be an application in which the email, instant messenger, Wikipedia, and social networking are rolled together in real time. It starts with a blip where a single message triggers a new topic. The process can be equated to sending an electronic mail to a group of people, but all can see it in a common box and not individual in-boxes.

With the help of this application you can converse with others, share files and photos, work with them on files and documents, organize and re-organize your information, post to blogs and perform a host of other equally useful and attractive features. In the world of web it is the latest platform for creating live communication documents which can be edited by the users. Some innovative features that make up Google waves are:

  1. Embeddability: Waves can be added on any website or blog.
  2. Real-time: when you log on to it you clearly get to see what someone else is typing, letter per letter
  3. Create Applications: If you wish you can create your own application within waves.
  4. Open source: The wave has an open source code. This would help to adopt and innovate.
  5. Easy files sharing: Here you do not require any attachment. All you need is drag your file and drop it inside Google Wave. Once done everyone can access it.
  6. Self- Correction: Equipped with an auto-correct you can always have miss-spellings highlighted and corrected. Interestingly it can also auto-translate on-the-run.
  7. Playback: if required you can rewind to any part of the wave to see what was said.

Marketing Strategies with Google Wave

To devise business strategies you need to host in person business meeting. With Google Wave this has become absolutely easy. You do not require all of them to assemble at a particular place. You create a wave containing the information. Your employees butt in with their thoughts to the document. With the input of all the suggestions, a completely new document is created. This can be plan of action ready to be used. All of these valuable inputs can be obtained at no cost to the employer, no long meetings, no conference room requirements etc. So Google Wave helps you devise strategies and at the same time save on money.

The basic approach of this software is to collaborate. Interaction with the help of Google Wave, promotes solidarity and teamwork at the same time. And all this can be done when your employee is are working in different continents.