How imporatnt is hosting? | SEO tip #55

How important is hosting when it relates to your SEO campaign?

Where you host your website can play a deciding role in where you are placed in your search engine results. A slow host with a good amount of downtime is detrimental. If a crawler cannot access your site due to something of this nature it will deem as an error.

It has been documented that a host within your website’s country of origin will have a more profound effect in your search engine rankings. a good hosting site will have an uptime of 99.9%. There are plenty of hosting companies that are reliable cost-effective yet will not skimp on your bandwidth your security or your overall service.

Google caffeine is Google’s new search engines algorithms name. It is been noted that Google caffeine will pay more attention to the speed of your server than it has in the past. This is most likely due to the fact that people overwhelm their site with images and even text. There are cases where people have ridiculously long front pages to flood the search engines with text in the hopes to get to the front page of back keyword.

It is possible however, to achieve front page results by creating new pages thus alleviating long load times. this also creates the ability for more title tags, meta-descriptions and content that is relevant to that particular page. Adding more pages gives your site more integrity in more pages to crawl.

Think heavily when considering a hosting company. Just because a company as large doesn’t mean that you get everything that you want, there are companies out there that suffice that are the biggest of names. Look for reviews, reports and other information on the Internet that will help you choose the right hosting solution for you.