How to Blog? | SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Ever wonder how blogs are making money? Have you ever wanted to try to blog and monetize it, write for a living and earn money?

Blogs are an excellent way to express yourself. It’s also one of the best ways to get your business, products, or ideas noticed. Think of it essentially as a press-release. The only difference is that PR companies typically release their content to thousand of syndication feeds and hundreds of thousands of readers.

Blogging for a living isn’t something you just quit your job and start full time. Although, it does take a full time effort, especially at first when creating the blog. One thing to keep in mind is that the internet is saturated with content, a lot of which is gibberish and nonsense. You have a 20 year old telling you how to retire when they are making only $40k a year. As you can see anyone can blog and they do.

How to blog isn’t the question you should be asking yourself. What do I blog about may be the first question you should ask, but finding out if there is enough interest is just as crucial. Google offers a great tool to see the competition for any keyword along with how many searches were performed on that keyword along with other similar to that one. You can then base your writing upon particular keywords that generate interest and traffic.

Once you have your subject down and you find there is interest and there isn’t 100,000,000 searches per month for making it feasible to achieve top page results.  If you’ve read any of my other blogs you would know that 85% of organic traffic clicks on the first page results. You only have 15% chance of receiving a click if you aren’t on page one on Google.

You can now choose what blogging service from a slew of different providers. Relax, there are several that offer free services including WordPress, but Blogger allows you to monetize immediately where as WordPress needs to be self hosted. If you are ready to go and want to start blogging I would suggest Bloggeer.

Pick one of the templates they offer, which you can change at any given time. Adjust the colors, fonts, headers, and gadgets to the way to want them and start blogging. You may want to check our articles on Google Webmaster Tools and how to get your sitemap and feeds into Google properly. It’s a great article that explains in detail how to do this. Notifying Google and other search engines that you have a Blog, but also a sitemap explaining where every page is is like an index station or a librarian at a library. If pages and files were all over the place it would be a nightmare.

There are plenty of people making money from Blogs through advertisements. Some of the highest paid are making approximately 200k per month, that’s correct, 200k per month. Some decent blogs that I’ve seen are making about 3k to 10k per month. It all depends on how long you can sustain making no money at all. These blogs have incredible niches, have been blogging for over 3 years and have anywhere from 1000 to 100,000 blogs.

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