Link Directory Submission | SEO Tip #57

Link directory submissions may not have the authoritative power that they once had, but they play a vital role in a successful search engine optimization campaign. Most directories allow you to choose a specific category to  submit your URL to.

There are several high quality free directories you should pay attention to more than others. The open directory Project, also known as, DMOZ, is also a directory submission facility, their URL is located at The open directory Project is one of the oldest known directories on the web and it is free. There are hundreds of categories to submit your URL to, but please be aware that this is the human reviewed editorial directory. You to make sure that your URL is fully functional and your website is complete. They can take anywhere from two weeks up to six months before your website is reviewed let alone accepted. This is why it is crucial that you make sure that your website is again fully functional and does not have any broken links images or under construction sites.

Another great directory is the best of the Web, their URL is they offer a free category sponsorship for 60 days and provides different options that will get you listed for a fee. Annual cost can run anywhere from $79.95 and one-time fees can run all the way up to $239.95. If you own a 20 or more websites you may qualify for a bulk discount.

There may be hundreds if not thousands of link directories available just by searching the Internet. They range from Yahoo which has a $299 fee and you may not be included to free directories with barely any content themselves. You must pick and choose your battles before you would like to submit to thousands of directors. Submitting to directories can be time-consuming and not worthy of that. Although, there are plenty of directories that will provide you with a valuable link to your website.