Select Keywords For Your Website | Heads or Tails?

Heads and Tails:

Selecting general and specific keywords for your web site are crucial to your placement in any search engine. Keywords consistent with products, services, or content of each page are an essential component to search engine optimization or SEO. General or generic keywords are one or two words in length and are commonly referred to as long-tail or head-terms. Specific keywords are three or more and are referred to as tail terms.

Head term tend to generate more traffic, but are more difficult to establish high ranking and stay there on search engines.

Regardless of whether you are optimizing an existing Web site or building a new one, you should select keywords that are consistent with the content of each unique web page, as well as the overall theme of the web site. Generally, you should select tail terms when optimizing web pages with specific content and head terms when optimizing web pages with more general content.

Select head keywords for your home page to represent your overall theme of your web site. Your home page is typically your most important page, so you want to optimize that particular page for that keyword. For instance if you wanted to rank well for business cards, it would make no sense to wrap your content around brochures.