SEO Management | SEO Tip #67

SEO Management | SEO Tip #67

As a web owner, SEO management can become increasingly hectic and overwhelming. With so many different aspects to handle such as, social media, basic website structure, advanced website structure, and content on the website one may not know where to start.

There are pros and cons outsourcing your SEO management. Some of the pros are, the ability to prove a track record, the ability to change companies, and typically an outline process of their work. Some of the cons may be you don’t have as much control as in-house and potential unethical business practices.

Most SEO experts will tell you there is no guarantee to become indexed let alone guarantee front-page success for any particular keyword. There is however software that is available that can provide the tools and information you need to get to the top of Google or other search engines. Most of the basic tools are free, but to get the fully functional software you most likely will have to purchase and spend a few hundred dollars. This investment will be one of the best purchases you will make for your website.
When it comes to SEO, research and development are as important as building the website itself. Search engine algorithms update constantly and put a higher significance on different criteria such as title tag, meta-description, and content. Other factors including speed of server, URL name, and website history are important factors as well. Not all factors are created equal, some factors such as meta-keywords do not play a role in Google’s search algorithm. Although, they do play a role in Yahoo and  Bing’s search algorithms.