CPC/PPC vs. Organic search results | SEO Tip #59

There is a misconception that organic search results are better than PPC/CPC sponsored ads. When, in fact, the sponsored ads are typically more relevant and target that particular keyword you searched for. Google, wants to make users click on their ads because they get paid. Google tries very hard to make AdWords users create ads that relate to what you are searching for. If you search for apples and cell phones come up, you would find relevance in that? Google will punish advertisers by increasing their minimum bid amount if keywords, page relevance, and speed of site aren’t “up to par”.

The first place I look when searching now are CPC ads. Advertisers want you to buy so there offers and typically the best you’ll find to entice you to at least click, but more importantly purchase. It doesn’t do an advertiser any good what-so-ever if you just click and don’t buy.

65% of searches result in clicks within the organic search results area where as 35% click on the sponsored ads. Unique titles will set AdWords advertisers apart from the rest.