SEO Tip #49 – Create a Privacy Policy Page

SEO Tip #49 – Create a Privacy Policy Page is good SEO practice

Regardless of what ever type of web site you have, creating privacy policy page adds credibility and authority to your web site in the eyes of both search engines and users. Like a company information page, search engines now try to detect the presence of a privacy policy.

A basic privacy policy details all of your company’s marketing information practices and policies. It shows users how seriously you take their personal and private information and that you are committed to protecting it. A privacy policy is sometime required for eCommerce sites.

A privacy policy page informs your web site visitors that you will not, under any circumstances, sell any personal information, including credit card and contact information, to other companies.

Creating a privacy policy page is good practice and provides security or piece of mind to your web site visitors.Try to keep your privacy policy simple and to the point, you don’t want to confuse anyone. You may also want to keep a link in close view. These are links you don’t want to hide or tuck away.

The Direct Marketing Association offers free of charge a privacy policy creation tool, it can be found at Their web site is very handy and again free of charge. The have examples and although it is not meant to replace legal advice, it will suffice.