Optimizing your title tags | SEO Tip # 64

The title tag can single-handily be your most important aspect you try to boost your search engine rankings for particular keyword or phrase. Search engines look within that taxed whenever particular keyword someone is searching for. For instance, Google will take 65 characters of the title tag and use those as part of their search engine results.

The title tag will appear at the top of web browsers when someone is visiting that particular page on your website. Making your title tag concise provides you the best possible chance for your website to be found. Typically, adding one or two keywords should suffice. Keyword stuffing is not suggested a second look like keyword spamming the search engines. If your company is well known having your name within the title tag would contribute to searches.

Your title tag should match the content of your website as closely as possible. In fact, your title tag should have the keyword mentioned at least once throughout the body of the website. Unique title tags are important for each page of your website simply because a search engine penalty is likely for repeat title tags.