How can I increase my web site traffic?

As web site owners, the question that may come up the most is how can I increase my web site traffic? This is an important question simply because we aren’t artists who create web sites to get our emotions out on a canvas. Instead, we need traffic typically to generate revenue. Whether it be a blog with Google AdSense or an eCommerce web site, the most crucial factor is to have customers.

There are several factors when designing a web site to optimize it for search engines. Search engines break down your web site by looking at different key factors. For instance Yahoo does tend to look at title, keywords, content and links into your web site. Where as Google pays more attention to title, meta description, quality links into that page and the first paragraph in with that particular keyword.

Optimizing your web site isn’t easy considering there are four major players when it comes to search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, & Different search engine results exist at the same time for the same keywords and web sites. You may rank well for this particular keyword on Google, but not on Yahoo. The choice is yours when it come to making a decision on what search engine to optimize for over another.

There are web masters, designers, and owners who are looking for “the next SEO loop-hole”. Why? Instead why not work with the search engines. If they want relevant, honest, yet informative content, then it should be done that way. Black hat SEO isn’t worth it, you put almost as much time as White Hat SEO, the results are there quicker, but when you get caught your done for good. Spend the time creating unique content and it will pay off.

A great way to increase web traffic is by creating a blog. Allow comments, but moderate them since there are spammers who try to manipulate search engines with shady tactics instead of having something relevant to say. Taking advantage of a free blogging service like WordPress or Blogger is a great way to get started. You should get it hosted to have complete control including advertising, content, and placement.

Once you have set up your blog, start writing good content, the more the better. Once you have written about 25 blogs you’ll start to receive traffic. You’ll be amazed on how many people are interested in your topic. It takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks before Google will crawl your site, but if you are savvy and know webmaster tools, you can submit your sitemap and feeds and it will let Google know you exist. This is the appropriate way to let them know instead of submitting your sites URL.