Proper keywords will make or break your business

I received an email from one of my customers regarding certain keywords and the effects on their SEO. Someone had told them that they needed to rank well for this certain 3-4 long tailed keyword. That certain keyword only generated about 40,000 searches worldwide per month compared to another that generated 250,000 searches worldwide. The interesting part was that the keyword that generated 250,000 searches was as competitive as the 40,000 one. So why not go for the better one?

There are reasons you may or may not want the “250k results” keyword. Long tail keywords may not get researched as much, but studies show that 3 to 4 keyword searches result in sales, where as 1 to 2 keyword searches are mostly browsing. eCommerce web sites want conversions and need to be on keywords that generate sales and not browsers. Lets do some math and see…

Research has shown 1% of 40,000 (400) purchased when searching using a long tail keyword (3-4 words), compared to .06% of 250,000 (150) purchased when using 1-2 keywords. Only 150 made a purchase while using a keyword that generated more traffic. Why is that?

Key words tell us plenty. You need to know how to read them. There are several types of shoppers in the world. If you had two groups, one larger than the other. The larger one is indecisive and likes to browse and can’t make up their mind. The smaller one knows what they want, they are shoppers and purchase right away. Who would you want in your store? While traffic may look good and fr people who just sell advertising spots on a blog or web site may be good, people with eCommerce sites are “Watching the Wheels” go by.

There are plenty of tools to help you with your decision on keywords. Here is a link that has helpful information on these keywords.