Website Promotion | SEO Tip #60

promoting your website can be more difficult than it appears. The ability to promote your website without sounding like a spam machine. There are niche message boards and forums available that will allow you to make a profile and post your URL as long as you are helpful. These message boards and forms can be critical in your link building process.

If you were to go on to message boards and forums and begin to post your website without being helpful you most likely have your comment disapproved and you will be banned. Although, if you are very helpful again they will out you to post your URL consistently and be able to reap the benefits from other websites.

Website promotion can help your SEO efforts through a collaboration of well thought out processes. These processes can range from press releases to self-promotion such as stickers and business cards. In fact, self-promotion is one of the most effective ways to get your website noticed.

A blog, generally, is another great way to promote your website while talking about the subject matters which are relevant to your website. In blogs you are capable of posting URLs in link backs to whatever website that you wish. Blogs such as WordPress and blogger have a “dofollow” ability which passes on page rank to that website. Being active on blogs, message boards and forums can be construed as an authoritative figure.

CPC/PPC vs. Organic search results | SEO Tip #59

There is a misconception that organic search results are better than PPC/CPC sponsored ads. When, in fact, the sponsored ads are typically more relevant and target that particular keyword you searched for. Google, wants to make users click on their ads because they get paid. Google tries very hard to make AdWords users create ads that relate to what you are searching for. If you search for apples and cell phones come up, you would find relevance in that? Google will punish advertisers by increasing their minimum bid amount if keywords, page relevance, and speed of site aren’t “up to par”.

The first place I look when searching now are CPC ads. Advertisers want you to buy so there offers and typically the best you’ll find to entice you to at least click, but more importantly purchase. It doesn’t do an advertiser any good what-so-ever if you just click and don’t buy.

65% of searches result in clicks within the organic search results area where as 35% click on the sponsored ads. Unique titles will set AdWords advertisers apart from the rest.

Building Quality Links | SEO Tip #58

some people may think when it comes to building links, quantity is better than quality. This is not true however, your relevant links may have a detrimental effect to your SEO campaign.there is software available that will submit your website to thousands of online guest books forms blogs directories and other link sources. This is regarded as spam though it should not be considered white hat SEO.

Has recently become aware of high volume links within a short time span and regard this as “black hat SEO”. One or two quality links can provide the same affect that hundreds of poor quality links can do.

Aaron Wall from SEO offers a free Firefox extension called SEO for Firefox.this plug-in will give you the results on page rank, age, incoming links, and much more from several search engines including Google and Yahoo.

Although Google doesn’t pay as much attention to pagerank as they did in the past, these tools can help by offering a popularity gauge. Google has since taken the page rank away from the webmaster tools because it wanted to get away from the theory that page rank was the end-all be-all.